About us

We are ONE LIFE, a non-profit association, established in accordance with the federal law of the Republic of Austria, with its headquarters in the City of Vienna and which operates on the territory of the European Union and the territories of those European countries in which there is a need or necessity for advancing and developing of the HIV/AIDS therapy research, generating and developing HIV/AIDS eradication methods and preventing, eliminating and combating the discrimination of individuals living with HIV and members of their families. Even after more than 30 since the virus was was discovered, the urge to advance and further develop research in the field of HIV/AIDS is greater than ever.

ONE LIFE was founded in 2019 when the two founders, Niclas Schmiedmaier and Zvonimir Pašer, supported by their friends, families and their long-term business partners, were encouraged to launch a non-profit association in the City of Vienna, a reliable partner in the fight against HIV/AIDS for almost three decades and, as the seat of the Office of the United Nations, a international contact point of high significance.

As a result, those driving forces, together with the private and business network of both the founders, have become a part of the ONE LIFE Family and thus made us, the ONE LIFE Family, together with opinion leaders from society, business and politics, a member of various global networks fighting for a HIV/AIDS free generation. Further we are proud that Mr. Marco Lumsden, CEO and Founder of Lumsden & Friends joined us on the board of ONE LIFE.

What we do

ONE LIFE’s main driver is the fact that the fear of HIV/AIDS has lost most of its horror in recent years which is a dangerous development of public and personal perception. Namely, in the last 30 years 30 million lives have been lost to this battle and still today, over 42 million people around the globe, are fighting the virus in their bodies and the hurtful discrimination in their daily lives. Despite all efforts of national and international organizations as well as private individuals the number of new infections is still dramatically rising again in all parts of the world.

In these circumstances, ONE LIFE intends to make the current state of HIV/AIDS known to the general public as well as to promote the prevention, combating and eliminating the discrimination of individuals infected with HIV. Simultaneously, ONE LIFE will support several organizations whose purpose it is to combat and prevent HIV/AIDS.

To that end, ONE LIFE intends to:

  • Support the research in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment,
  • Support individuals infected with HIV and members of their families,
  • Support HIV/AIDS related projects and NGO projects at home and abroad,
  • Support the prevention and treatment of mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission,
  • Support of events and activities of all kinds in accordance with the mission of ONE LIFE,
  • Preventing, combating and eliminating the discrimination of individuals infected with HIV and members of their families and
  • Reposition HIV/AIDS & the research for effective treatment in the centre of public debate.


Fast Track Cities and International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC)

Amongst many of ONE LIFE’s friends and partners, a special member of the ONE LIFE Family, as well as a driving force behind the founding of the association itself, is Fast Track Cities.

Fast Track Cities is a global initiative founded in 2014 by the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC), the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) and the City of Paris, financed by GILEAD Sciences and other major pharmaceutical companies in the field of HIV/AIDS research, with the purpose of achieving the following aim by 2030:

  • 95% of individuals living with HIV/AIDS know about their infection,
  • 95% of individuals living with HIV/AIDS have access to treatment,
  • 95% of individuals living with HIV/AIDS are below the detection limit and
  • 0 (ZERO) discrimination of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Today, more than 130 cities are members of the Fast Track Cities network and are working together on achieving this crucial global goal. The mother organization of Fast Track Cities and one of the most important partners of ONE LIFE is the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care” (IAPAC)”. IAPAC is an organization established in 1987 as an organization of physicians of patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS with the purpose of developing and improving the methods of prevention, care and treatment of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. IAPAC is focused achieving global eradication of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis by 2030.


For Zagreb as one

Following the earthquake in Zagreb, on March 22, 2020, where the capital of an EU member state suffered severe infrastructural damage, ONE LIFE has decided to create the fundraiser “For Zagreb as ONE” in order to direct our help to two medical institutions and local humanitarian organizations. These Beneficiaries have been and still are the backbone of Zagreb’s social ecosystem in times of COVID-19 and the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake.

The designated Beneficiaries and their respective shares of the total proceeds are to be:

  1. The Clinic for Children’s Diseases of the City of Zagreb: 40%, with a focus on the oncology and surgery department and patient housing,
  2. The Clinic for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević”: 40%, with a focus on their HIV Outpatient Clinic and their leading role in Croatia’s fight against COVID-19 and
  3. Local humanitarian organizations: 20%, with a focus on those associations who particularly contributed to public life during the quarantine and post-earthquake period.


WORLD AIDS DAY 2020 will be the joint campaign of ONE LIFE and Fast Track Cities with the aim to mark the City of Vienna’s commitment, courage and decisiveness in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to support people living with HIV/AIDS and members of their families as well as the commitment, courage and decisiveness of several distinguished individuals and to introduce the collaboration of ONE LIFE and Fast Track Cities. WORLD AIDS DAY 2020 marks the beginning of 2021 celebration of the City of Vienna for their support in preventing, combating and eliminating all forms of discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS and members of their families.

After “Know your status” in 2018 and “Communities make the difference” in 2019, the motto this year will be “Ending AIDS by 2030” – and with the combination of education, anti-discrimination and research in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we have legitimate hope that this goal will be achieved. This year the joint venture between Fast Track Cities and ONE LIFE is celebrating its first joint World AIDS Day and the motto “Ending Aids by 2030” couldn’t be more aptly chosen, since the city of Vienna as the home of ONE LIFE has been a supporter in the fight from the very beginning against HIV/AIDS.

We have so much more for you! We are preparing exciting campaigns for 2021 – stay tuned, log in and stay informed.

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