About us

We come to this world with just one life.    

Living your best life, to your full potential, is everyone’s fundamental right.  

Hundreds of millions of people are held back from living their best life, because of who they are, who they love, their status or some other factor beyond their control.  

Discrimination, inequality, hate, violence, prejudice, and intolerance blight lives around the world.  At One Life, we imagine a world where everyone is able to live life to its full potential.   

Together, let’s make our one life, our best life.

Our Mission

One Life is a registered and regulated non-profit organisation headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a mission to:

  • Create and support anti-discrimination projects and campaigns pursuing worldwide equality.
  • Support organisations and create events to accelerate research, education, and prevention strategies around HIV and AIDS. 

There are many ways to get involved and support our projects. 

Our Projects

The Vienna International Pride Awards is a new global campaign to recognise the extraordinary work of people around the world making significant contributions to LGBTI+ equality. The first awards will be announced in June 2023 in Vienna, Austria.  Awardees will be chosen by a highly experienced, independent committee of international equality and human rights experts. 

Our partners are the United Nations Development Programme, ILGA World and MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation.   There will be many ways for people around the world to take part in the project and contribute to accelerating positive change – please visit the Vienna International Pride Awards website, where you can also register for the mailing list. 

As part of our mission to accelerate research, education, and prevention strategies around HIV and AIDS, we are currently planning two major HIV and AIDs related conferences in Vienna for 2023. 
More details of these will be announced soon.

and Friends

We are proud to be working with incredible partners: